Chronic Lyme Disease

FDA Gives Green Light to Test Lyme Disease Vaccine on Humans.

This is not a typo!

You now have a very good reason to listen to my interview and learn how Homeopathy safely uproots Lyme.

Then again, If you’re looking to take mouthfuls of supplements, vitamins, compounds, discomforting cleanses, chelating therapies or ubiquitous antibiotics, and vaccine then don’t listen to what I have to say because I represent a different science.

Be sure to scroll down and download your road map to relief.  I designed it to give you hope that real solutions exist.

A different way. That way is homeopathy, of course.  Click here to register for this free event.

Remember, homeopathy stimulates the body’s natural ability to uproot the condition.

Hello, chronic Lyme suffers,

Many of you already know me. I’m Joette Calabrese, and I’m a homeopathic consultant, lecturer, and author.

I’m also a Weston A. Price Foundation Honorary Board member, and author of the column in Wise Traditions called, “The Homeopathy Journal.”

Most importantly, I’m a mom who has raised her three boys to adulthood using only homeopathy and pig-headed determination.

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These remedies are time-tested and scientifically validated in the finest research clinic in the world.
“When the correct remedy is selected, in the correct potency, delivered with the correct frequency, homeopathy works.”

As far as I know, I’m the only person teaching these protocols in the Western World.
(Many thanks to Drs. Banerji for their generosity in teaching me their protocols.)

You owe it to yourself to learn more. Listen to my podcast  ( the transcript includes links to additional blogs I’ve written ) and start using the protocol to uproot Lyme disease now.

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