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Many of you already know me. I’m Joette Calabrese, and I’m a homeopathic consultant, lecturer, and author.

I’m also a Weston A. Price Foundation Honorary Board member, and inaugural author of the column in Wise Traditions called “The Homeopathy Journal.”

Most importantly, I’m a mom who has raised her three boys to adulthood using only homeopathy and pig-headed determination.

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When it comes to the topic of DETOX, one of the things we can all count on is that there’s a world of confusion and contradiction out there.

The more one reads, the more it becomes clear that the “experts” barely agree on anything.

How can we know that what we’re doing is effective, or even safe?

“There’s evidence that things like celery and carrots and apples, things that people mostly juice, actually might inhibit detoxification”

– Dr. Bryan Walsh, N.D. (One of the most interesting voices in the contemporary detox conversation.)

Some experts say to juice raw kale. Other experts say that kale should always be cooked, otherwise it will suppress the thyroid.

Some experts say to avoid juicing because all of that sugar without the fiber is bad for our health.  Other experts say that juicing is essential for detox.

Some experts say to avoid caffeine during a detox. Other experts say the science shows that caffeine actually stimulates detoxification pathways and that it should be a part of a detox program.

A third group says only if it’s administered in the form of an enema!

Some experts say that drinking lemon juice in the morning is a great way to detoxify.

Other experts say that citrus inhibits molecular detox pathways.

“We need to make some serious updates regarding how we think about “detox”. For example, high dose detox supplements might actually inhibit and worsen detox. Things like curcumin, quercetin, and catechins are all examples of potential detox inhibitors.”

– Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC (doctor, clinical researcher and best-selling author)

Some experts say that massages help detox our tissues.

Other experts say that science shows that massage actually creates toxins – myoglobin molecules, which in worst case scenarios, can lead to rhabdomyolysis!

Some experts say that extended water fasts are the best way to detox.

Other experts say that extended water fasts are much too dangerous for modern people because we risk mobilizing stored toxins that can recirculate into our brains and other organs where they can cause serious damage.

“I love fasting I just don’t think that most of us are actually healthy enough to do it anymore.”

– Dr. Bryan Walsh, N.D.

Who can we trust? Who knows for sure?

We think that in functional nutritional integrative medicine we’re so smart – we’re doing things so much better than conventional medicine – please! We are moronic if we’re giving things that are inhibiting one of the phases of detoxification”

– Dr. Bryan Walsh, N.D.

“We may be doing the exact opposite of what we’re intending to do and nobody’s questioning it.”

– Dr. Bryan Walsh, N.D.

I’m offering a stress-relieving solution with Homeopathy.

And the difference with homeopathy is you don’t need to go through a detox program. If we pay attention to the symptoms presenting and match those to a homeopathic medicine, the correction with little fanfare will be made.

The condition, along with its uncomfortable or painful symptoms are corrected.

Super simple elegant polite without having to muscle down nostrums.

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