A Radical Shift in Correcting Food Intolerances

(and Other Related Conditions)

In this webinar I share…

  • One of the key gut protocols
    that uproots gut issues
  • Even if unresolved after years
    of being on special diets

We’ve produced this webinar to show you that by using these practical protocols you will have found a new life changing, super quick paradigm.


A couple of weeks ago, at the prompting of a past chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, we put together this webinar.

It was intended to give hope to those that despite their deep understanding of nutrition, food sourcing, and diet still suffered from sensitivities to the small list of foods in their restrictive diets.

“Practical Homeopathy removes obstacles to consuming nutrient-dense food.”

Sheena Golish,
WAPF Former Chapter Leader
Homeopathy Study Group Leader