Restart your homeopathic journey and enjoy all the benefits that come with your newfound homeopathic competence and confidence.

My goal has always been to help mothers and others become the competent and confident source their families’ and friends’ health issues.

I have found that because of homeopathy, I am even more relevant in my adult children’s lives, as they routinely call me for help – how great is that?!

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Thank you so much for all you do! I am so thankful for your generous and kind heart. I am a stay-at-home mother of seven kiddos and have already used many of the protocols and advice that you have offered on your blog. I can finally relax a little bit knowing I have this ace (homeopathy) up my sleeve. I too have used/tried many other alternative health care tools including oils, herbs, making my own tinctures, etc.  I'm simply amazed though with the results I've gotten using homeopathy. I love that you also are a Weston A. Price follower!

May our dear Heavenly Father continue to bless you and bless your endeavor to get the word out on homeopathy and helping so many people.

From a grateful Midwest Mom

- Tracy S.
Virginia Beach, VA

“Has anyone thanked you this week for the depth and breadth of your web resources on this treasure of a subject?
In case no one counts me because i have lurked without signing up for a class, consider this my gratitude deposit....parents sharing before the internet is how i was gifted with knowledge of homeopathy, and it took a couple decades to make it less inflammatory to say so in Ohio. Self driven learners are my favorites, so your web presence is a blessing to pass on until we can gather a human contact circle in the neighborhood. Count me, on a too-quiet day, as an active fan and a grateful self-help advocate.”

- Jean B.
Carlsbad, CA

I have been a member of Weston Price for a couple of years and have read your articles, but never thought to google you until a couple of weeks ago! WOW! What a life changer for me!
I graduated from nursing school in 1987. Besides the years I took off to raise our 5 children (home birthing a couple and homeschooling etc) I have been entrenched in the western medicine mindset. In 2014, I had thyroid issues which caused me to explore dietary changes, from which I found Weston Price. Since then, God has led me away from the hospital setting (which I LOVED, because I love helping people experience better health). I now have a Health Consultant business, ok , really it's a ministry! where I help people navigate health through diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and up til this point in supplements (which I HATE!). That is, until hearing all your wonderful podcasts and reading your blogs! I am currently taking your Gateway to Homeopathy course and just finished the Good Gut Bad Gut course! I feel as though I am drinking from the 'Fountain of Living Water'! In your podcast #52, Julie talked about “can’t get enough!” Thats me too! And it's all because of you!  
Thank you for all you do!
Blessings and peace to you,”

- Susan T.
Alexandria, VA

“I want everyone to know how wonderful it is to have homeopathy to make them more self-sufficient and Joette is my favorite to read. I LOVE her information! There is nothing better than seeing suffering relieved and in such a good, practical, inexpensive way. Homeopathy...for LIFE! ”

- Haley R.
Milo Center, TX

“June of 2017 found me (once again) searching the internet for answers to my chronic health conditions.  When I came across Joette’s website, I knew that there was something different about it – something that offered more hope than any of the other solutions I had tried. I enrolled in one of her courses and I could see quite readily that homeopathy truly delivered all that it promised.  Many months later, I came across an old blog post that I had written where someone had commented and directed me to Joette’s website.  Although I disregarded the comment at the time, I will forever be grateful to the anonymous commenter who planted a seed within my mind.  By the time I came across Joette’s courses through my own searching, that seed had germinated to the point where I was ready and willing to give homeopathy a fair chance.  And now as I enjoy health that is much improved thanks to homeopathy, I am excited to continue planting the seed and sharing with others the wonderful results they too can find through homeopathy.”

- Karen T.
Cody, WY.


I am 71 years old. I found my answer on the website, which is already helping me with my health. I don't need a consultation right now but will call upon Joette should I need help in the future. I can tell that Joette is a true healer and wants very much to help people. God bless her and all of you for what you are doing.”